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National Preparedness Month

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Somerset County & Westmont, we have joined FEMA and countless other organizations in preparing for emergencies throughout the month of September.

If you've seen any news coverage lately, you know that emergencies happen unexpectedly in communities just like ours, to people just like us.  

By developing an emergency plan with our families, emergencies, congregations, neighbors and co-workers, we can ensure that everyone knows what resources are available in an emergency and where to go if the need arises to evacuate.  We can work as a team here at SERVPRO of Somerset County & Westmont to make our communities, our neighborhoods and our own families safer.

The theme for NPM this year is "Prepared, Not Scared.  Be Ready for Disasters".  This goes beyond make a kit and building a plan, it asks citizens to learn CPR and first aid, check their insurance policies and educate and involve youth in the preparedness.  

As we here at SERVPRO of Somerset County & Westmont continue to be prepared for emergencies, we encourage everyone in the local community to do the same.  You never know where you'll be when an emergency strikes, so prepare for it now.

Fire Prevention Month

10/14/2016 (Permalink)

Somerset Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Prevention week is celebrated October 9th-15th.  Although October is Fire Prevention Month, here are some tips that can help with fire prevention safety year round:  (1).  Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home; (2).  Test smoke alarm batteries every month & change them AT LEAST once a year; (3).   Practice finding your way out of the house with  your eyes closed, crawling or staying low & feeling your way out of the house; (4).  Remember to escape first, then notify the fire department.

SERVPRO of Somerset Attends PAMIC Event: The 106th Mid-Atlantic Mutual Advantage Convention

8/5/2013 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Somersets Mobile Command Trailer at a PAMIC event in Spring 2013

The 106th Mid-Atlantic Mutual Advantage Convention is being held at the Hershy Lodge in Hershey, PA August 4-6, 2013. SERVPRO's across Pennsylvania have joined together to be represented at this event as the nation's premier Disaster Restoration Company!

The Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (PAMIC) is a trade association that was originally formed for mutual insurance companies, writing property and casualty lines of insurance, domiciled or authorized to do business in Pennsylvania. Formed in 1907 by several mutual companies who voluntarily united for common purposes. Today it is comprised of over 60 companies, mostly mutual and some stock, located in Pennsylvania and surrounding states encompassing Maryland, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, and Virginia.

PAMIC also has an associate membership base composed of groups that support the insurance industry. These associate members include, but are not limited to, re-insurers, law firms, independent adjusters and information systems services. PAMIC currently has over 100 associate members.